Update — though the world of online blackjack card – counting does not change too much, we would like to let you know that Jeff Ma has a new book called “The House Advantage”.

No, it has nothing to do with mortgages. Nor is it really a guide to card – counting, as much as it is a guide to using card – counting concepts to help you in business. However, there are so many great examples of Ma’s Vegas career in the book that we call it a must – read for anyone interested in card – counting, or gambling in general.

You may remember Jeff as one of the legendary MIT card – counters who made a business and science out of taking the casinos for all they were worth. He was the basis for the character “Kevin Lewis” in Bringing Down the House, and “Ben Campbell” in the film 21. (yes, it’s not very nice to portray Asian Americans using white actors — essentially saying that people would not go to a movie if Asian Americans were in it — but Ma does not seem to mind too much, so why should we?)

At this point, you will be well aware of the benefits and basics of blackjack card counting strategies. While it may seem daunting, or only for mathematical geniuses (hands up, who saw Rain Man?), card counting is as simple as being able to keep one number in your head and adding or subtracting one or two from that number as each card is dealt. You’ve already learned all the rules of blackjack, right? You can certainly make these kinds of simple calculations when playing online blackjack at your choice of the best online casino.

The beauty of online casinos is that you can practice card counting techniques and strategies with no distractions – and none of the pressures you might feel in a land – based casino. As far as casino games go, blackjack – for this reason – lends itself perfectly to the online gambling forum.

Of course, it does not hurt to have a good head for numbers when you are playing or betting on a game that deals with odds and probabilities, such as a game of online bingo at bingo halls such as Mecca Bingo, that change with every single card that is dealt. In fact, bingo games have a lot in common with blackjack, from a probability / statistical point of view – unlike other casinos games that are dependent on a random number generator, such as slot machines. Anyone who is truly serious about card counting in blackjack would only benefit from a quick study of what they stand to gain from mastering any of the basic or advanced card counting techniques, perfect for practicing at any of our recommended online gambling spots.


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