Many people have won and lost fortunes while playing Blackjack. You might not think it but if you take off on a really good streak, you can clean house. Here is my strategy and it seems to work for me. I like to win, so I do everything in my power to ensure that happens. Many people are afraid of being called a card counter but let’s face facts. You can not play a game of cards without in some way or another counting them. I mean it is like asking a person to play monopoly without rolling the dice… It’s absurd. I have no problem stating that I count the cards. I do everything in my power to count every one of them.

If you think that this gives me some sort of unfair advantage I would remind you that this game is already tilted in the favor of the house. Me counting cards only evens the odds a bit. In addition, I am not blind or stupid so it is as natural as breathing for me to apply this simple method of game play. It helped me a bit but when it really comes down to it, you still have to get lucky to really win.

It just so happens that when you do get lucky and are betting well, you are really able to get a great amount of money together quickly. One day I had a few hundred extra dollars so I got dressed up and headed out to enjoy a night on the town in Las Vegas… I knew that a few hundred dollars would not really last long if I started my night out in a club so I did the opposite and went straight to the table games.

I sat down at the Blackjack table and placed a $100.00 bill on the table. The dealer changed it for me but I left it all up for a bet. Amazingly, I hit a blackjack. At that point it was on, I had already counted on losing that $100.00 so I just left it and my winnings on the table… Unbelievably, I won again and again. Hitting several Blackjacks and making myself a small fortune of nearly $4,000.00 that night. Now, hear what I just told you. I took a risk and it turned out for me. I turned $300.00 into nearly $4,000.00 by playing a game that night.

As I think back on that night, it was one of my favorite experiences while playing one of my favorite games. I’m sure you could guess this, try as I might, I just cannot duplicate the experience to this day. I have tried and tried. It’s just not as easy as it all seemed to be that night…

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