First of all, you are already counting cards when you play blackjack, whether you know you are doing it or not. When you decide whether or not to hit or stand, you are reacting in a binary manner to the card totals in front of you. That’s pretty much all you are doing with a simple form of blackjack card counting. In the Ace – 5 (Wizard) strategy, you are simply saying “Good!” when the dealer gets a 5, and “Oh, darn!” (or whatever you’d like to insert there) when you see the dealer get one of those juicy Aces.


Sure, it takes a little extra brainpower to run one of the more complex strategies, but just about anyone with a first grade education can master the Hi / Lo card counting strategy. You give yourself a mental thumbs – up when you see a low card over at the dealer’s place, and a thumbs down when he gets one of those high cards that you should have. Usually you will just be riding somewhere around zero anyway, so counting those thumbs should not be such a big deal. Just remember, the better your numbers get, the more you should bet. And vice versa.

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Now, even I must admit that the more advanced gambling strategies in blackjack card counting seen in a casino can be a little cumbersome to get a grip on. But, as with anything, practice is the key. Do not even think about trying it out during a weekend in Vegas until you know it backwards and forwards! One of the best ways to put in some practice play is to visit an online casino, like any of the ones that we have recommended on this page. For those across the pond try this UK Casino. Online casinos are the perfect, no pressure environment as a player can take their time – even put a blackjack game on pause – as you practice your card counting techniques. One of our recommends is Cherry Red, a US online casino that has it all – great casinos games, great customer service, and one of the best reputations in the industry.


Along with blackjack, there are other online casino games that rely heavily on probability – which do not require advanced card counting – learning tactics:

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