Through the years there have been some crazy rule changes in different games. Some of them are official rule changes and some of them are just house rule so to speak… An agreement of some sort that the agreed upon rule change will be implemented for the game. Some have been for the better and some for the worse but almost all of them have an extreme effect on the game play. They are all made to change the play of the game for one reason or another. I want to talk to you about some of the ways that an assortment of games have changed through the years and why those changes were so important. I love Black Jack so of all these changes the one I dislike the most is that they do not pay Time and a Half at the 21 table anymore.

Let’s first discuss one of those oldies but goodies. One of my favorite house rule changes that nobody realizes is not even in the rule book at all. You know the one that create havoc in the game with no notice at all. It can change the game landscape so drastically that the losing player can easily become the winning player. If that is possible just imagine what happens when the player in the lead takes advantage of this house rule change that is not even part of the original rules at all… They can run away with the game with a role of the dice. You must know what rule I am talking about by now, right? It is my favorite childhood game Monopoly. The controversial rule that can make the game last so much longer is the “Free Parking” rule. I love playing with this rule. I would venture to say that most people also like to play that was but I may be wrong. I have come across people that insist this rule not be used and I can see their point very easily.

Next, let’s discuss the tuck rule. This rule is questionable to include on our list because it was implemented in the NFL only to be promptly removed because no other rule change has effected a single team in the league as much as the tuck rule effected the New England Patriots. They were able to secure 4 national titles thanks in large part (many would argue) to this particular rule. You see, it states that the ball can not be fumbled during ANY motion of the pass. this included tucking the ball back in after an attempt that was not completed. The ONLY QB in NFL history ever to be suspended for cheating was a master at manipulating this particular rule some would fiercely argue.