The date was 1991 when Major League Baseball made performance enhancing drugs against the rules which is ridiculously late in the game considering the National Football League began the same practice years earlier in 1987 and when the NFL began the ban on PED’s they actually began testing for the substances too. When MLB implemented the ban on PED’s it was a shocker to everyone that they did not intend to actually test for them. The MLB policy on testing for PED’s was comically late to the game. It was not to make an appearance until over a decade after the substances were deemed against official policy in 2003. This in itself has caused controversy after controversy because many players did not take the ban seriously as a result of the relaxed testing policy. Many of those players have since had to answer questions.

Some people don’t really like golf. Many people don’t watch it or feel one way or another about it. I for one am a fan of the game. I love to play even though I am not very good and I love to watch it as well. The game is fascinating to me. Just think about it… You have to hit a tiny ball hundreds of yards to a tiny hole over and over again. Whoever does it in the fewest strokes wins. There is real talent there because you are really your own biggest competitor. They recently changed a very important rule in golf to make the game much more fair. You used to get a penalty stroke if the wind moved your ball after you had addressed it. You heard me right, if the wind moved your ball they counted a stroke against you. Needless to say this was a welcome change as any past rule changes have been.

I will tell you about possibly the least significant change in professional sporting history now and you will laugh. They made the goal keeper in the National Hockey League wear less padding because the league hoped it would increase the scores during gameplay. They made them shorten their pads but it did not have the desired effect. The goal keepers did not display any decrease in their ability to stop the puck from getting into the net. It was amazing and really tells you a lot about the talent possessed by some of these players.

Now on to my least favorite of all the rule changes that I am aware of. The reason I like it so little (I should really say “dislike it so much”) is that it effects my money. I play 21 religiously. I have for years… The game has always paid out 1.5 times your initial bet if you hit a 21 naturally. This means if you are betting $100 per hand you are getting paid $150 plus your bet back if you win. When they stopped that, it hurt a lot.